Aug 14
Dec 13

colored palettes


we were stoked to have the opportunity to photograph one of our fav bands portugal. the man just before the last show of their 2013 tour. we were scheduled in for about 15 minutes, so we scouted these nearby palettes which we were drawn to because of their colors which match a lot of ptm’s stylistic visual aesthetic.

we got the shot we wanted at that location and were happy to be told we could have a few more minutes to snag a second setup. the guys were even down to spend a few minutes to join our polaroid project, which we’ll be posting soon along with our website refresh.

Oct 13



looking out, & looking in

it’s no secret that DTLA is swarming with talented artists & sick warehouse studios. catherine kaleel has found her artistic oasis above santee alley in the penthouse corner unit of the allied crafts building, amongst a group of artists known as ‘the coalition’. catherine is an incredible painter & illustrator — we’ll lead you to her website to dig into her work and accolades, which include a recent father john misty collab. –> catherinekaleel.com

we stopped by her studio a couple months back to catch-up and check out the studio. and ya know, take some photos.

thanks for having us by catherine! -DTF

Oct 13

the edge of the world to the middle of nowhere


switchbacks, backpacks & heart attacks [in the breathtaking way] //

big sur is a gem in the central california coast. we’ve passed thru a few times, stopped along the side of the road and drove over the many bridges but had never really explored the wilderness that it has to offer.

as we were planning this trip, we mentioned to our buddy alex at split clothing that we were headed up there some friends. he was stoked on the adventure and sent some goods our way. on backpacking trips you’re always cautioned to not overpack, especially on clothes… but we toughed-up, hiked in with a mini-wardrobe and shot this photo story.

it’s not that waking up at 5am is anyone’s idea of fun, but when you’ve only got the weekend, you do what you gotta to make backpackin happen. so the 5 of us piled into the car and drove 6 hours up the california coastline to big sur.

we hiked inland 7 hours along mountainsides, down into canyons and back up again to impressive vistas of the ventana wilderness. with every bend in the trail there was a new experience that inspired us to keep going. that, and imagining how good the whisky would taste once we finally made it to camp.

soaking in the nearby hot springs and lounging along the cold river occupied our time in the woods. simple as they are, these moments, with friends, feeling exhausted but accomplished, encouraged and inspired, are the perfect counter balance to our lives in los angeles.

thanks to dan, ana and zach for the good times & thanks for the digs, SPLIT!

Sep 13

the mission to the beach


above the blue and windy sea //

on our day off during a work/play weekend in San Francisco we wanted to hit up the DTF usuals;
the grimy-hipster section of town & the beach.

in the Mission District we parked it up at Dolores & checked out the local food stores, interior design shops & cafes, all with the right kinda big city quaintness.

we hopped on a public bus that took us across town for golden hour in the Sea Cliff neighborhood, just west of the Golden Gate Bridge and right behind China Beach.

perfect day in the City by the Bay.

Aug 13

justin bauer // creative|spaces


a space allows an artist to create; an artist brings a space to life //

an awesome dude in his boyle heights warehouse. enjoy »

Jul 13



even though the days are longer, you still want them to last forever //

MODEL // noel @ click
MAKE-UP // sara armijo
HAIR // jess wilson

Jul 13



we’re on the same wave babe //

we hung out with crystal fighters (atlantic records) for an afternoon a couple weeks ago in north hollywood. before the shoot, we saw on instagram that they were into skating, so we brought along our skateboards in case it came up. during the shoot, we mentioned we had boards and the band was stoked — our shoot ended with an impromptu skate sesh, which is probably how all shoots should end.

annnnd an outtake of the dudes shredding:

Jun 13

circumnavigate grand cayman


“the traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see” – g.k.chesterton //

the cayman islands are best-known as a lux caribbean vacation spot with ridiculous sunsets worth emailing home about.

most tourists rarely venture out beyond the harbor in the west end or the nearby resort-lined seven mile beach.. so we took a trip around the island to see the local caymanian style.

small, colorful houses, chicken shacks and dirt roads are scattered across the calm, flat grassland that makes up grand cayman’s east end. at the southern bend of the island we stopped to admire 20′ oceanwater geysers and to overlook the remains from the island-notorious wreck of the ten sails.

continuing around the island, the road took us up the east end then curved back west toward rum point. this is a touristy spot for sure but requires intentionality to visit, which somehow makes it more laid-back feeling.

after rum point, we cut back inland to complete our circumnavigation. along the way we wandered through the queen elizabeth II botanic park, a nature conservatory with hiking trails, lizard habitats, & gardens galore. def worth stopping thru to feel those tropical rainforest vibes & see an endangered blue iguana.

the east end and the west end couldn’t be more contrasting — a reminder for the traveller to consider what’s being fed to you as a tourist, and to explore the less explored.

May 13

lost agenda

mountains & sky, sun in your eyes; takin’ your time //

sierra madre feels like that quintessential waypoint into the wilderness, where everything seems almost too quaint. we walked around its small park, drove up to its vista and stopped by it’s homemade ice cream shop. all in a days work »

MODELS // trisha @ click
MAKE-UP // sara armijo
HAIR // jess wilson