GM & Welcome.
You’ve found the home all things NFT x DTF.

We are so excited about using this crazy new world of art ownership to build our verified community of DTF lovers & believers.

Community + Futures
We have been creating art together for our entire adult lives, and we will continue to make art forever. We will continue to grow and evolve, and we’re lucky to have you on our side.
We recognize the investment of ownership & will continue to honor and develop our connection to those who support us. Our best roadmap and utility is continuation of creation. That said, we’re excited you’re here, so you can expect special access to unreleased or in-progress work, giveaways of (yes, tangible) artworks, things we make like zines and experiments in art + design, and whatever else we decide to share.

January 2022 : We’re releasing our first collection of 19 images on OpenSea, a project called DTF / West Coast Collection. It’s a project near and dear to us, please check it out. Each image is 1/1 and unlocks access to our community. Be one of our first 19 collectors, and you’ll be sweetly rewarded. 


This space is still growing and coming to life. Please stay close, watch us learn & fail, and make some art + connection along the way <3